This amazing piece has been handcrafted specially for one of our clients . It is set with a 1.00ct brilliant cut diamond in white gold claws. Surounded with a halo of Ceylon colour sapphires.

Opal Magic

Australian opals make special pieces exquisite, they are the essence of beauty, capturing our amazing country into a stone.  Bayside Jewellery Services can turn your special opal into a ring, pendant, brooch or even earrings – we will design around your special stone. We can also source a beautiful opal for you.

One Off Pieces

Are you tired of owning an off-the-shelf copy of everyone else’s jewellery.  Our craftsman at Bayside Jewellery Services will work with you design you a special something that is truly unique.  With over thirty years experience, he has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon to build your special piece.

The Beauty of Rings

The roundness of a ring is forever, for eternity, adding a special something a gemstone, a birthstone or a even a custom piece.  Bayside Jewellery Services can redesign or repair any item and make your special piece a lasting item forever.  You will be impressed by the quality of our workmanship as we aim to please.

Re-modelling of other jewellery is our specialty, we can turn a piece that has lost it’s spark but has sentimental value into something new, something that reignites a spark that you will love to wear again.  Bayside Jewellery Services will work with you to tweak, change or completely re-model your jewellery into something that you will love.

Pendant Quality

Pendants crafted from silver or gold can add a special something to any outfit.  With access to laser cutting and designs tooling, Bayside Jewellery Services can make any design possible allowing your designs to be expertly crafted.  You will be impressed by the designs that we can craft for you.

Necklace Design

Bayside Jewellery Services embraces all mediums to build a quality piece of jewellery.  Whether it be a necklace made from gold or silver or even leather we will work with to mount your pendant the best way possible.  We will mount your stone or jewel to build a pendant that you will love and your friends will be jealous of.

Repairs and Cleaning

Wedding Ring with diamond The repairs and cleaning of your jewellery is done in house, we will not outsource your special piece.  Any repairs that need to be done will be in full consultation with you – there will be no nasty surprises when you collect your special  piece.

Jewellery Designs

Wedding Ring with diamondMore and more people are wanting one-off designs, not the manufactured shop designs that are mass produced in factories.  Bayside Jewellery Service’s craftsman will work with you one-on-one to build your design, to make yours special, different and truly amazing.

Remodelling & Remanufacturing

Dragonfly broochDo you have some old jewellery just laying around, not wearing it anymore and would like it to be remodeled or redesigned into something new? Bayside Jewellery Services can do this for you.  We can use the old jewellery that has sentimental value to to you and make it into something more, something that you would like to wear again.

Jewellery Supply

pendant with sapphires macroBayside Jewellery Services always endeavours to start with your exact piece, however on the rare occasion that you may need a new piece to add to your designs, we can supply this for you.  Browse our online store and see what you can some up with – COMING SOON.

Special Offers

Pendant with amethyst and diamondsAs an opening special as we release this website, we would like to give you 1 free polish and clean when you mention this special at the time of initial contact.

Bridal Sets & Fitted Rings

bijoux en argent 5We can design and make a two or three ring set or a new ring specially fitted to your existing ring.

Have you ever been to a jewelers and tried to explain how you would like to remodel your old piece into something new and modern? Or explain a repair that may be quite complex? Or even tried to explain a new “one-off” piece that you would like to have designed and made? The salesperson takes down copious notes and you hope, just hope that the deposit that you just paid does not turn into a bad game of Chinese whispers and the craftsman doing the work for you gets what is happening in your head.  Now, would it have been easier to bypass that salesperson and speak to the actual craftsman, checked his credentials, seen his work and verified that his work is his and not outsourced again to another person.  With over 30 years experience in the jewellery service industry, being that craftsman who the jewellery store outsources too, Bayside Jewellery Services would like you to bypass the the salesperson and off you the customer.  No more run around, no more trying to tell you that a new item would be better than your item.  Bayside Jewellery Services offers you the piece of mind that you have been looking for to repair, remodel, design and craft your beloved jewellery.

Located in Capalaba, in South East Queensland Australia, Bayside Jewellery Services would like to offer Australian residents the unique opportunity to work one-on-one with a quality craftsman to service your jewellery.  Yes if you need new pieces we can source items from our suppliers, however we will work with what you have first and foremost.  Because of the nature of our business, we work by appointment only please call Peter on 0414 094 666 to arrange a one-on-one appointment to discuss your individual needs.

Bayside Jewellery Services is your personal jeweller, treating you and your jewellery with the utmost of respect.

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