Our Services

bijoux en argent 5Bayside Jewellery Services is not a glossy sales store with salespeople trying to sell you the item that offers the most commission.  We are not even located in a shopping centre to aim to attract the most foot traffic as you are meandering from store to store.

Bayside Jewellery Services is however your personal jeweller, someone you can trust to clean and polish your most precious and sentimental items with the utmost of care.  We are the designers that work with you directly to produce one-off pieces of exquisite craftsmanship.  We turn your old into new – remodelling and remanufacturing items that have lost their spark over the years into something new that is truly amazing.  Lastly we will help to supply you with new items only if you need them.

We work in the reverse order to your local jewellery shop – fix and repair vs sell and supply.  We deliver you a personal one-on-one service that you will be happy to tell everyone about, a service that we are proud of.

Jewellery Repairs & Cleaning

Wedding Ring with diamond

The repairs and cleaning of your jewellery is done in house, we will not outsource your special piece.  Any repairs that need to be done will be in full consultation with you – there will be no nasty surprises when you collect your special  piece.

Jewellery Designs

Wedding Ring with diamond

More and more people are wanting one-off designs, not the manufactured shop designs that are mass produced in factories.  Bayside Jewellery Service’s craftsman will work with you one-on-one to build your design, to make yours special, different and truly amazing.

Remodelling & Remanufacturing

Dragonfly brooch

Do you have some old jewellery just laying around, not wearing it anymore and would like it to be remodeled or redesigned into something new? Bayside Jewellery Services can do this for you.  We can use the old jewellery that has sentimental value to to you and make it into something more, something that you would like to wear again.

Jewellery Supply

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Bayside Jewellery Services always endeavours to start with your exact piece, however on the rare occasion that you may need a new piece to add to your designs, we can supply this for you.  Browse our online store and see what you can some up with – COMING SOON.